Martin Luther King Jr, On Leadership: Inspiration & Wisdom for Challenging Times

Donald T. Phillips (2000)

Guide to how the philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., can be used to effect positive, long-lasting change in organisations and communities.

"This book carries the reader through two threads of material simultaneously. One thread is designed to give a biographical, history of MLK, Jr. as a leader in the civil rights movement. The other thread is actually laid upon the first and it is a cataloguing of the various leadership styles and techniques which he displayed throughout his career. The book also supplies us with a wealth of meaningful quotes from Dr. King at the beginning and end of each chapter.
I would like to get beyond this somewhat systematic description of the book. I must say that I was deeply moved by the circumstances of this man's life, the obstacles which he had to overcome, the strength he showed in the face of real hatred and danger. It also struck me that Dr. king's life was terribly short and was lived not so long ago. Many of the struggles he fought are still afoot. We are still only in a process of change. I see that we cannot let down the cause of equality and pretend that all is changed and all is well. There is still a long way to go. The cause, however has been expanded to include the rights of women, the rights of the handicapped, the rights of asian minorities, the rights of gay and lesbians and others I do not recognise right now." - Review written 15th July 1999 by Paul Beulieu (published on

"Donald Phillips did a wonderful job of telling the story of Martin Luther King Jr. from his childhood to his death, and connecting it all to a marvelous leadership style. Being a student of leadership studies and a fan of Martin Luther King Jr., I chose this book as a study of both subjects. Having read it, I have to say I learned more about leadership from this book than any other I have read. However, I am no longer a fan of MLK......... he is now a hero of mine.
As Donald Phillips points out, for every major turning point in American history, creative leaders - right for the times and uniquely suited to the task - assume the mantle of leadership. Donald Phillips not only describes how MLK ended up at the mantle, but how and why he was the right person for the job.
MLK's movement is not the same civil rights movement being pushed by the self-serving, so-called, activists today. Read this book, you will learn about a true leader and what a true leader is. It is easy reading and inspiring. Highly recommended" - Review written 15th November 2002 by Gerald W. Williams (published on

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