All You Need to Know About Action Research

Jean McNiff (2011)

In the Second Edition of All You Need to Know about Action Research, expert practitioners Jean McNiff and Jack Whitehead guide you through everything you need to know to plan and carry out a successful action research project. The Second Edition has been thoroughly updated throughout, and now includes new real-life case studies from education, health and business. A new chapter on reviewing the literature has been added and the sections on data gathering and analysis have been updated to take into account the latest technological advances.

'This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the action research process - planning and carrying out the research as well as the dissemination of outcomes. With the recent global emphasis on generating practice-based evidence to enhance the quality of provision in a range of disciplines - education and health just to name two, this book will be an invaluable resource for those who are either embarking on action research or leading it. Written in an accesible style this book addresses both theory and practice associated with action research. Sections on personal theorising of knowledge and presention of findings to a range of audiences would be particularly useful to the reader' - Valsa Koshy, The School of Sport and Education, Brunel University

'Action Research is increasingly recognised as a form of professional enquiry with the potential to generate new knowledge and understanding grounded in the realities of everyday practice. This accessible book identifies core issues in Action Research and provides valuable practical guidance for practitioners who wish to investigate, evaluate and improve their practice and learning' - Angela Christiansen, Head of Nursing Studies, Edge Hill University

'This Second Edition of 'All You Need to Know about Action Research' is an accessible and invaluable text for anyone interested in using this method. McNiff and Whitehead use their considerable experience and insight into action research to show how research can be about learning and creating knowledge and improvement through careful and systematic inquiry into personal and organizational practice' - Russ Vince, Professor of Leadership & Change, the School of Management, University of Bath

About the Author

Jean McNiff is Professor of Educational Research at York St John University, UK. She is also a Visiting Professor at UiT the Arctic University of Norway, and at the Beijing Normal University and Ningxia Teachers’ University, People’s Republic of China.

Jean took early retirement from her position as deputy head teacher of a large secondary school in Dorset, UK. She went into business for herself, and developed her writing. Her textbooks on action research and professional education are now used internationally on workplace-based professional education courses and on higher degree courses. Jean provides interdisciplinary consultancy work to institutions around the world where she gives lectures and conducts workshops on planning, doing and writing action research.

Jean aims to contribute to personal and social betterment through educational research. She encourages everyone to make their stories public in the form of their personal and collaborative theories of practice; and she firmly believes that each individual is able to contribute to social and planetary wellbeing by explaining how they hold themselves accountable for what they do. In this way she links education with moral accountability. She tries to bring the university to everyday contexts, and everyday contexts into the university, for it is only by involving everyone, she feels, that the world will become a better place for us all.


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