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23rd November 2015

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The community development process is underpinned by a set of values on which all practice is based. Community development practitioners need to relate these values to their roles and actions. There are five key values that underpin all community development practice:

  • Social justice and equality

  • Anti-discrimination

  • Community empowerment

  • Collective action

  • Working and learning together


Social justice and equality

Work for a more just and equal society which recognises environmental, political, cultural and economic issues by;

  • Celebrating the strengths, skills and assets in communities
  • Acknowledging and challenging inequalities, injustice and imbalances of
  • Promoting human and civil rights and responsibilities


Respect, value, support and promote difference and diversity whilst rejecting and challenging any form of oppression, discrimination and sectarianism.

  • Recognise that discrimination works at individual, community, organisational/institutional and societal levels
  • Explore and challenge all forms of discrimination
  • Develop anti-oppressive policies and practices which actively support and value diversity

Community empowerment

Enable communities to develop confidence, capacity, skills and relationships to shape collective action and challenge imbalances of power.

  • Enable communities to recognise and build on their existing skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Promote the rights of communities to define themselves, their priorities and agendas for action
  • Provide the space for communities to develop critical, creative, independent and active decision making and participation

Collective action

Promote the active participation of people within communities, using the power of a collective voice and goal.

  • Recognise the wealth of creative and positive resources within individuals and communities
  • Promote and support diverse communities to agree and take action on their common concerns and interests
  • Use the power of the collective voice to plan and take collective action while respecting the rights of others

Working and learning together

Create and encourage opportunities for collective learning through action and shared reflection.

  • Learn from shared experiences of working in collaboration
  • Understand experiences in the context of wider social, political and economic forces
  • Encourage critical reflection on own practice, values and belief

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