MenToR Kings

23rd August 2016

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Men-To-R-Kings aims to celebrate boys and men from all walks of life with a strong emphasis on encouraging and inspiring them to believe in their GREATNESS!

Too often we see in the media and in our local communities the stereotypes and labels given to men in such a negative light, this approach is disempowering for our fathers, our brothers and sons, as well as for women and girls.

Men-To-R-Kings ethos was developed based on the self-actualisation and self-determination theory. Research has shown that in order for individuals to feel a sense of achievement or empowerment their basic needs must first be met. We believe that all individuals in society play a role in the building up or breaking down of someones life but our strongest ally through all can be ourselves.

Men-To-R-Kings aim to develop a determined and unbreakable POWER of self through:

  • Realising POTENTIAL
  • Taking ACTION
  • Achieving RESULTS
  • Self BELIEF

Find out more about us via this dialogue with our founder Ebony Hope here

Father's Day BBQ

The Father's Day BBQ is an annual thing, its been going on for four years. In a way that’s how we kind of launched MenTor Kings, although not officially. The first in higbury fields, about 30 of us. The second in the harmony hub garden at broadwater farm with 70 people attending, all through word of mouth. This is evolving year on year. This year we were at bridgecastle park,  I’ve always kept it local in Tottenham because that where I grew up, I feel its good to start back in your home grounds. It would be good to see these BBQ's rolled out all across London.

View this spoken word piece for our latest Fathers Day inspiration:

Man Cave

Man Cave is a fortnightly forum, a platform for boys and men of all ages to come together, the six sessions run for 3 hours each and we look at issues that are affecting their lives and explore solutions together in a way to help participants fulfil their full potential. We very much underpin our work with Self Actualisation theory.

The sessions include a range of activities like dominoes and chess which help to build relationships. Then we invite in guest speakers who volunteer their time to discuss interesting topics like mental health, sexual health, manhood etc. It's all discussion based and we provide a freshly cooked three course meal. It's free of charge and we hope to run another block of six sessions in the near future. (contact us if you wish to participate or contribute in any way).

Fatherhood Exhibition

To honor the difficult roles men play as: Grandfathers, fathers, step fathers, uncles, brothers & God Fathers. We will celebrate you in telling your story of what being a father figure means. Our vision is to create a gallery or exhibition of images of fatherhood.

  1. We will host a bespoke photo shoot like no other; expressing your story of fatherhood directed by a highly acclaimed photographer.
  2. Photos will be placed in a London gallery for a limited time, promoting the positive images of men and dispelling negative stereotypes.
  3. Campaign will be published into a photo book, to bring light to the importance of a male presence and also the work of MENTOR KINGS.

 We want to invite you to be a part of this project and opportunity. If you are a photographer, a gallery manager or potential participant then please get in touch.

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