Buddhist Action Month 2016

1st June 2016 - 30th June 2016

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Buddhists do social action!

Despite Buddhism's reputation for stillness and withdrawal from the world, UK Buddhists are engaged in a wide range of social-change projects, alleviating suffering at home and abroad.

The now annual UK Buddhist Action Month (June 2016)  highlights Buddhist social action across many traditions; actions which
a) bring people together and
b) are rooted in Buddhist teaching and values.

This year's theme: Building Bridges Across Communites

This year we have extended the theme even more. We're suggesting that you can carry out any activity which in some sense is about caring for all beings and this beautiful planet. We are all aware that climate change, nuclear weapons, violent extremism and so on, have great potential to damage so much. So, peace activities, dialogues between religions, ways of learning to understand each other, dealing with conflict, transforming difficulties, these are all areas which can be considered. Be creative!


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