How to create a #Hopequake?

There are many ways you can share and express your hopes for your community. Some of you might hope to create something new for your family, neighbours, school or workplace, and others might hope to change something that is affecting people in another part of the country or the world.

You might have a hope-:

  • to learn something new or expand your interests for the benefit of others

  • for a specific issue to be resolved

  • for the present time or the future

  • for the people you know, like or love

  • to transform society or your environment for the better

  • for a new or improved local service, activity or resource

  • to create something that helps your community

  • for a change in local or national policy

  • to protect something for future generations

Whatever your hope is for your community or place you can visit the map of the UK to share your hopes and encourage others to do the same. Why not give the UK a hope fuelled shake-up? Make another #hopequake happen now - let's fill the map!