My Hopes, Our Community

Tanya Bailey

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People need each other to grow and be harmonic
(Helen) Keller said we can do so much together,
I say let’s join then and be sonic

(Harvey) Milk said hope will never be silent
I say no one should have to dwell in the destruction of violence
Let anger emerge as truth and be bold and vibrant

(Mother) Teresa encouraged us to not judge but love
I say we all have big hearts and don’t need to begrudge

(Bob) Marley urged us to free our minds
I say it’s easy to hate but braver to be kind

(Nelson) Mandela told us that courage conquers our fears
I say one person’s battle allows another person’s tears

(Martin L.) King (Jr.) fought for justice and the movement fights on
I say when people take a stand we all want to be strong

(Mahatma) Ghandi said harmonise our thoughts words and deeds
I say no one can grow if we don’t plant the seeds

(Malcolm) X said determinedly to stand for something
I say we can all create value from nothing

(Daisaku) Ikeda says to have gratitude
I say what makes things better is a change in our attitude

(Satish) Kumar says go from war to peace
I say we need to listen with our whole lives so fighting can cease

(Leo) Tolstoy deeply thought we should change ourselves
I say transform; others follow and create human wealth

(Rosa) Parkes did not give in
My hopes, our community is what we are living in.

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