Barbara Antinoro

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Swirling thoughts
inside my head
Bashing my dreams
squashing my hopes
Human and Fragile
Needy and unaware
nothing I truly am
Feeling like the truth is not within
and right here
but over there
Looking inside
feeling alive
wanting to take off and fly
i heard it
and felt it
and believed it
we can
we definitely can
We must
we dare
we stumble across
we fall
but we can
we get up again
we hold someone's hand
we feel them
cause we felt "us"
There is hope
there is trust
we trust them
cause we trusted "us"
We can
Together we can
There is hope
There is Trust
shining like the stars
beyond the earth crust
sparkling in the sky
it's us - the cosmic hope Dust!!
Flying here and there
sticking in their hair
tickling rusty hearts
bringing joy
across this
amazing Mother Earth !

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