What is a Smart Town?

9th March 2017 - 9th March 2017

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No.34 will host a discussion with Tim Stonor, Managing Director at Space Syntax, a company that uses behavioural science to plan cities.

‘Smart Cities’ – where the systems of the city, powered by technology and the Internet of Things work together to the benefit of citizens, society and the economy are a ‘big thing’. All around the world, designers, planners and governments are working on Smart City initiatives – and it’s an area of UK strength. Often, visions of the Smart City are driven by technology but what about the people? The people in a Smart City, surrounded by technology, still need to understand how to use the city and connect with each other.

While the focus may be on Smart Cities at the moment, how can we understand the impacts on towns and rural areas. The risks that regions outside the big cities could be left behind are real. Kent is a big county with few large cities – so how will we be affected by Smart City initiatives and what does it mean for towns like Sittingbourne?

Tim Stonor, who lives in Faversham, is a world leading expert in the future of Urban Design and he leads the work of Space Syntax Ltd which uses the science of human behaviour to plan cities around the world. Tim is a Trustee of the Design Council and a Director of the Academy of Urbanism. He will talk about the behaviour of people in smart cities and the importance that should be given to well-designed public spaces, pedestrian links and cycling networks. What can we learn from Smart Cities and what makes a Smart Town?

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What can we learn from smart cities? What reflections do you have about what makes for a Smart Town?