"Race Equality without Human Rights?" conference

20th April 2016 - 20th April 2016

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50 years since the first race equality legislation has passed and we are still a long way from achieving race equality.  Even though race equality legislation has come a long way since the Race Relations Act of 1965, racist immigration laws and institutional discrimination in public services continue to keep racism rife in Britain.  Whilst the Equality Act 2010 and the Equality Duty provisions within it provide some protection from racism within public services and other specified contexts it does not provide protection from racism resulting from racist immigration laws and policies.  The Human Rights Act by virtue of being universal has provided protection to the most vulnerable regardless of race, ethnicity, colour or nationality and therefore has effectively complemented race equality legislation.

This conference will explore the impact of the Government’s plans to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a “British Bill of Rights” would be on race equality in Britain.  What would we lose in terms of race equality if we lose the Human Rights Act?

Guest speakers:

  • Afua Hirsch  (Sky News)
  • Sanchita Hosali (British Institute for Human Rights)
  • a key note speech from Imran Khan

The conference will take place from 6pm - 8pm at Resource for London.

Places for the conference are limited so please book your place early to avoid disappointment.

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