Inequality in Kensington

13th November 2017 - 13th November 2017

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In partnership with The Equality Trust, My Fair London is delighted to welcome MP for Kensington Emma Dent Coad to speak at our next meeting. Elected to parliament in June's snap general election Emma won Kensington with a majority of just 20, making her the most marginal MP in the House of Commons. Just one week later the Grenfell Tower fire broke out, one of the worst civil disasters since the Second World War. Kensington is probably the most economically unequal place in the UK and the appalling tragedy of the fire shockingly exposed the inequalities literally and symbolically at the heart of British society. In the fire's aftermath we also saw the remarkable strength of communities when tested in the most extreme ways.

Emma will talk about becoming an MP, about responding to the fire, and about the connections she sees between the Grenfell Tower fire and wider issues of inequality, as they effect housing, social policy and our attitudes towards others. Emma will talk for about 25 minutes followed by questions and open discussion. What should be the priorities for fairness campaigners in London? How can we make London's housing system fairer? How can we challenge negative attitudes toward 'the poor'?

Thanks to generous support from The Equality Trust there will be drinks and snacks at the end of the meeting. The meeting is free, as usual, but we will be asking for voluntary contributions on the night towards the costs of venue hire.

[MFL activist Tom McDonough blogged about inequality and the Grenfell Tower Fire here]

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