Global Citizenship in practice: DERC Seminar Series

6th February 2018 - 6th February 2018

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Global citizenship is an increasingly significant feature of state policies on development and education, forming part of formal education from primary to tertiary levels, volunteering programmes and the policies of international civil society groups. Scholarly discussion has focused on its conceptualisation, its universality and best practices for teaching.

Yet, gaps remain on the ‘doing’ of global citizenship, differences in its interpretation across cultures and what happens when these various ideas collide. Using data collected from fieldwork working with an international non-governmental organisation delivering global citizenship education this session will explore the micro-level lived experiences of individuals as they journey to become ‘active global citizens’.

Speaker: Madeleine Le Bourdon

Madeleine is currently in the final year of her doctorate under the supervision of Professor Matt Baillie Smith at Northumbria University. Her thesis focuses on the practice and lived experience of global citizenship using data collected from an INGO that builds active global citizenship through peace education. Previously, Madeleine has worked with a variety of NGOs both within the UK and internationally. This has included supporting youth activism in Khayelitsha, South Africa, writing content for human rights resources in schools, delivering training on teaching about human rights, as well as delivering global citizenship education in India, South Korea, Japan and the UK. Madeleine’s interests include global citizenship, global citizenship education, youth activism, human rights education, intercultural learning and INGO’s.

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