Empowering Women for a sustainable and prosperous future - SDG 5

19th June 2018 - 19th June 2018

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Sustainable Development Goal 5, Gender Equality calls on us to "Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls". Empowering women over the next couple of decades is crucial for building a sustainable and prosperous future for humanity.

In fact, some studies show that the most effective way to reverse global warming is to provide women all over the world with access to education and the ability to choose when to start a family. By doing this, for the first time the global population can shrink due to success. We have a lineup of entrepreneurs who are engaging with these issues to build a better future. The current line up includes:

  • Nicki Kopcke, founder of Mazi Mas, a pop-up restaurant staffed by immigrant and refugee women
  • Elise Do, chair of the board of Her Equality Rights Autonomy (HERA)
  • More to follow!

If you would like to work in this area, or start your own business that tackles similar issues, please do come along!

Your ticket includes:

  • A great talk and Q&A session from our guest speakers
  • Free ethically sourced drinks and snacks
  • Networking and chatting with speakers, and the board members of Fast Forward 2030

About Fast Forward 2030

Fast Forward 2030 is a network and platform of entrepreneurs who believe that in order to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), entrepreneurs need to incorporate them into their business models. We're organising an event series to promote this new approach to business, showing that with the right approach, entrepreneurs can build businesses that are vehicles towards a sustainable world.

Why the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals?

There are 17 SDGs with 169 targets - but don’t let this put you off. They are the first comprehensive plan for the whole of humanity to flourish within the means of the planet. This makes them a good framework for people who want to have an impact. They also set a direct challenge to the private sector by insisting that the environmental and social impact of the way we do business can no longer be an afterthought. They need to be at the very heart of how, and why our economies and businesses function. Fast Forward 2030 exists to encourage and inspire businesses that embody this.

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