A Dream Deferred

11th November 2015 - 11th November 2015

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What would it be like if our community was infused with making the things that are important to them possible?

What if we all lived with a tangible sense, that our dreams have a magical quality that gives shape and meaning to our existence, and brings events and people undreamt of, into our lives?

In the wake of the recession and era of austerity, people rarely talk about their dreams anymore.

Especially for people from poorer backgrounds, the sky can seem too far away for them to ever conceive of getting there.

But without our dreams, our lives are small, even bitter. Our attention is focussed only on survival and when even that is thwarted, the effects can be crime, homelessness, hopelessness, despair and under-employment. 

‘A Dream Deferred’ after the 1951 Langston Hughes poem, is a stage event and buffet dinner, designed to encourage us to never give up on our dreams and to consider that without dreams our lives lack meaning and purpose. 

Bold dreamers will take to the stage to share how they made both big and small dreams come true. They will share their poetry, music and art as inspiration for each person to reconnect with what is important to them and how they will share it with the world. In the crucible of community, someone's dream may just come true on the night itself!

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