Why we love dialogue & conversations

04th December 2015

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As you know, we're passionate about face-to-face dialogue and conversation - why you may ask? Well, it's simply because we feel that the more we engage with one another face to face, or voice to voice, we can all forge much deeper connections and relationships with one another. Through such encounters we each have the opportunity to share and listen, to hear and be heard.

This kind of community engagement can present us with opportunities to self-reflect and develop our capabilities, for example, to become more inclusive (improved self awareness), to empathise more with others experiences (to feel more connected), to improve our listening skills (did you know there are at least five different styles of listening?) etc.

I'm sure you'll agree that it's our connections with those around us that form the bedrock of community. Whether we converse with our neighbours, others in our class at college or university, or those we work with, it's through these encounters, through such mutual exchange, that we ourselves can feel a growing sense of satisfaction and belonging.

Our theory is that the deeper and stronger our relationships within our communities, the greater our sense of belonging, and with a greater sense of belonging shines a more positive experience of life overall, in times of hardship and of ease.

This is why we love face-to-face dialogue and group conversations! And this is why we want to encourage your participation in local conversation, discussion or dialogue groups. If you can't find a local group of interest to you, why not consider hosting your own?



Further insight:

You can learn more about the benefits of a well connnected community from the recently published findings of a five year study led by the RSA, and its partners University of Lancashire and London School of Economics, titled Community Capital: The Value of Connected Communities:

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