Welcome to The Four Corners of the Land

18th November 2015

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A warm welcome to you as you visit our new website! (your new website!)

It's been two years since we started our journey of creating this website, two years full of adventure as we embarked on something that we hope will connect people, promote dialogue and inspire change for many years ahead. Throughout this period, and the years before it I've been striving to live in tune with our core belief that 'it's not the place that shapes the people; it's the people who shape the place' - I must admit it's been a struggle at times and I've been forced to find more courage then I felt I had, yet here you are visiting our now live website. It really is a joy to welcome you here. 

Our vision for this website has always been to provide you - a crucial member of your community,  right where you are - with a platform for cultivating a deeper understanding of issues, challenges, theories and practices relevant to community development, equality, human rights and global citizenship here in the UK. Through my experience of being both student and lecturer on a community development & youth work course at Goldsmiths, University of London a spark of enthusiasm was ignited to create a learning space for all of us engaging with communities  - like a university without any walls - that could be accessed anytime, any place where we find ourselves out in the field. This jelled well with our original vision to create a cafe and my growing experiences as an equalities practitioner within NHS organisations and beyond, an online platform to keep us all connected and share learning seemed an obvious choice.

Ultimately, we've designed this platform for all of you who are keen to see your community flourish, especially current or budding community and youth work practitioners, and for any individuals, networks or organisations seeking to ensure that the hopes and experiences of communities, large and small,  inform their plans, designs, services and policies.. We hope this website and our physical cafe-hubs provide a space for you to feel refreshed and inspired to continue forging your own connections with others, cultivating your own understanding and respect for one another, and creating positive change in your communities. In the words of Alice Walker - 'you're the ones you've been waiting for'.

So once again, welcome to The Four Corners of the Land! Take a good look around, sign up and keep in touch! We're here to support your efforts, please use us! 

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