Autumn Update

06th November 2017

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We've enjoyed a busy few months and here are a few updates to give you a flavor of what we continue to work on:

The Four Corners Connected- since receiving the backing of X-innovate in July 2016 (Read more) we've been testing The Four Corners Connected with community engagement workers and teams from various public, community and voluntary sector organisations across the UK. We continue to receive valuable feedback and you might notice some tweaks to the platform. This process will continue towards March 2018, so if you have questions or feedback please contact us.

#MyHopeOurPlace - momentum is building with #MyHopeOurPlace. Our aim is to fill the map. You can now share hopes for your community or place without logging in. Click here to add your hope now or read some inspiration. Share as many hopes as you like. Why not encourage your friends or community groups that you support to join in? You never know, someone nearby might share the same hope as you.

Conversations - as you know face to face conversations are a great way to expand and deepen our connections within and across communities. We’re keen to encourage communities to engage in face to face conversations with each other and local organisations where they can. Local opportunities such as public consultation events, focus groups, conversation cafes and discussion meetings are all part of the mix. If you’re hosting any opportunities then please do register on The Four Corners Connected to promote them free of any charge.

Finally, we would like to thank those of you who have recommended resources to include on our website - 24 so far and we will continue our efforts to build the collection.

Thank you for staying connected as we grow and remember ‘It’s not the place that shapes the people; it’s the people who shape the place’ which means you're the protagonist. We’re here to support your efforts and we thank you again for supporting ours.

With our best wishes,
Gemma Novis - Founding Director
The Four Corners of the Land

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