Introducing Dom, our new Comms Lead

07th March 2016

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This is just a quick post to introduce myself as the new Associate Director of Communications here at The Four Corners of the Land. I’ll be bringing you a whole host of interesting articles that I hope will inspire you and provide plenty of food for thought relevant to many different spheres of life and work ranging from community development, youth work, government, health care, social work, conflict resolution and many others.

In the pipeline I have a number of interviews with professionals who work in community development that have succeeded in bringing about significant changes to communities here in the UK. Just a few weeks ago I interviewed Desmond Donnelly who is the Director of Development at PPR Project, a Human Rights NGO in Northern Ireland. And last week I interviewed Dr Jim Cowan, who has 40 years of experience working in development here in London and has some incredible insights and experiences of getting communities and government working together creatively. I’ll be sharing their experiences and know how along with many others.

My personal interest is in development and conflict transformation, I’ve studied international conflict and have master degree in the subject. From my studies and experience over the last eight and a bit years I’ve tried to develop an understanding of significant ideas and practical tools that can be of use to people in creating positive changes to society at the grass roots level all the way up to government leadership. I hope to share with you some of the useful theories and tools that can help create positive social change in coming posts that can be applied to work and life.

And before I sign off, if there any particular things that you’d like me to research and write about or if you have a private question just post me a message on here and I’ll get back to you.

That’s enough from me, speak to you all soon!

All the best,


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