Backing The Four Corners Connected

08th August 2016

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We’re extremely pleased to say that x-innovate is now working on a partnership basis with The Four Corners of the Land. We have facilitated a deal with our funding partners to provide working capital to The Four Corners Connected, we are working on supporting the business and the joint venture is now underway.

The Four Corners Connected is an innovative platform that provides a practitioner friendly environment that enables organisations and practitioners offering community, health or education services to the public to:

  • Collate community engagement activity

  • Share experiences of groups and individuals

  • Share learning from interventions and projects

  • Improve own community engagement practice through collaboration with others

The platform is innovative in that there is nothing else in the market that is practitioner focused, and it has some nifty back-end functionality that combines previously disparate data sets to enable accurate mapping of inputs. It also makes accessible new research-based taxonomies to assist in information collation and sharing.

This project is really interesting from the perspective of the x-innovate model - it’s certainly not a conventional opportunity for what might be called a ‘platform play’. The whole market for health and social care is changing rapidly, we know that demand for these services is increasing and the need to demonstrate value (both financial and to society) is vital; so the more we looked at the project, and the more we got to know Gemma Novis (the founder), the more interesting the project got for us.

In terms of how we are working together, our partnership approach is that x-innovate essentially forms part of the client team. Currently, this means hands-on assistance to The Four Corners of the Land with the business strategy, planning and business development.

Importantly for x-innovate, that platform has a real opportunity to make a social impact - the more commercially successful the venture is, the greater the social impact it will have. You can find out more about The Four Corners Connected here

We will endeavour to share further updates in due course

Brian Condon & Matty Peacock


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