About The Four Corners of The Land

Can you imagine what will happen when all those engaging with communities connect to share experiences and learning? We can, communities flourish.

More about Four Corners

Our values and beliefs

We believe 'it's not the place that shapes that people; it's the people who shape the place' and we strive to promote the values of global citizenship, equalities and human rights through everything we do. We know these mean different things to different people, this is why we love dialogue and conversations.



Our Mission

Connect People | Promote Dialogue | Inspire Action

We connect people and organisations to support communities across the UK. We do this by supporting those who work behind the scenes engaging with communities. We bring together articles, resources, projects, and events from existing initiatives and organisations to facilitate learning, promote dialogue and inspire local action (including action towards achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals in 2030).

The Four Corners Connected (TFCC)

Do you engage with communities? TFCC helps you record the outcome of your activities, in one easy to access place. You can log your activities and learning, by sector (housing, health, safety, etc), by SDGs, and by demographics (inc. protected characteristics identified in the Equality Act 2010), plus share updates with your network in real-time. Find out more

Our Team

Alongside our partners at X-Innovate, Verve Communications and Goldsmiths, University of London, we work flexibly with a growing team of associates to deliver training, research and consultancy services. If you're keen to join us or have an enquiry about our services please contact us.

Gemma Novis

Our Founding Director

Find out more about the background and motivaton of our Founder and Director, Gemma Novis, including why she established The Four Corners of the Land by clicking here

Our Partners